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Empowering Medicaid Software Innovations

Tarams’ Seamless Migration to Cloud-Native Data Infrastructure, Revolutionizing Insights and Operations

About Our Client

A US-based technology company specializing in software solutions for Medicaid Providers and Payers faced the challenge of modernizing its existing data infrastructure. The company aimed to enhance the availability of data, improve responsiveness to schema changes, and implement a scalable cloud architecture.

The Challenge

The client’s existing on-premise Data Warehouse (DWH) and ETL pipeline posed limitations in terms of data availability, responsiveness, and scalability. To address the growing demands of near-real-time reporting and analytics, the client sought to migrate to a cloud-native DWH and ELT pipeline.

The Solution

Tarams collaborated with the technology company to execute a comprehensive data modernization project. The solution involved:

Migration to Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Tarams facilitated the migration from the on-premise DWH & ETL pipeline to a modern cloud-native DWH & ELT pipeline. This transition enabled improved data availability, responsiveness, and scalability.

Implementation of ELT Approach

Tarams adopted an Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) approach, leveraging techniques such as Database Change Data Capture (CDC) and continuous replication. This approach allowed for near-real-time data availability and streamlined data transformation.

Cloud Data Storage and Transformation

Tarams utilized appropriate cloud data storage solutions and implemented in-place data transformation techniques to optimize performance and minimize data processing latency.

Project Phases

The project followed a structured approach with four critical phases: Viability Analysis, Development, Rollout, and Monitor & Fine Tune. This methodology ensured the timely completion and seamless execution of the solution.

The Results

By partnering with Tarams and implementing the solution:

Significant Reduction in Time-to-Insight: The end-to-end time-to-insight was reduced from 24 hours to just 30 minutes, enabling faster decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.

Zero Downtime Deployments: Tarams ensured zero downtime deployments, ensuring continuous operation during updates and minimizing disruptions to business operations.

Comprehensive Monitoring & Alerting: Robust monitoring and alerting mechanisms were implemented to track system performance and promptly address any issues, ensuring optimal operation.

Scalable and Modern Infrastructure: The client successfully migrated to a scalable cloud-native infrastructure, paving the way for future growth and innovation in Medicaid data management.


Tarams’ collaboration with the US-based technology company resulted in the successful modernization of their Medicaid data management infrastructure. Through the adoption of cloud-native technologies and best practices, Tarams empowered the client to achieve improved data availability, responsiveness, and scalability, ultimately driving operational excellence and innovation in Medicaid software solutions.

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