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Elevating Sales Operations

Tarams Enhances Efficiency for APM Company with Salesforce Integration, Streamlining License Provisioning and Tracking

About Our Client

A leading Application Performance Management (APM) product company, headquartered in the Bay Area, USA, faced challenges with sales team efficiency due to manual license provisioning and tracking processes.

The Challenge

The sales teams relied on manual processes and disparate systems for license provisioning and tracking, leading to delays and revenue loss. The company needed to streamline these operations to improve sales efficiency and revenue generation.

The Solution

Tarams automated and streamlined sales operations by integrating Salesforce with various business systems, extending with custom screens to act as a License Server. Key components of the solution included:

Salesforce Integration

Tarams integrated Salesforce with other business systems to streamline license provisioning and tracking processes, ensuring quick availability of products and higher sales volumes. Platform Development

Leveraging Apex and Visualforce, Tarams developed custom solutions on the platform to enhance Salesforce functionality and meet the specific needs of the APM company.

Salesforce Business Process Automation

Implementation of workflow, approval processes, and validation rules within Salesforce to automate business processes and improve operational efficiency.

Salesforce Security

Configuring profiles, roles, permission sets, Org-Wide Defaults (OWD), sharing rules, and Apex sharing to ensure data security and access control within Salesforce.

The Results

The implementation of Salesforce integration led to significant improvements in sales operations:

Streamlined license provisioning and tracking processes resulting in improved sales team efficiency and faster product availability.

Automation of business processes within Salesforce reduced manual effort and minimized errors, leading to higher accuracy and productivity.

Custom integrations with Marketo, Zendesk, and other systems enhanced data visibility and collaboration across teams, further improving overall sales performance.


Tarams’ collaboration with the APM company resulted in the successful integration of Salesforce, streamlining sales operations and improving efficiency. By automating license provisioning, implementing custom solutions, and integrating with various business systems, Tarams empowered the sales teams to drive higher sales volumes and revenue growth.

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