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Elevating Data Management for Global Ethics Advisory Firm

Tarams Overhauls Data Warehouse, Enhancing Performance, Integrity, and Reporting Capabilities

About Our Client

An esteemed organization specializing in advising and educating companies worldwide on ethics, regulatory compliance, corporate culture, governance, and leadership sought to address challenges posed by an aging data warehouse.

The Challenge

The client’s aging data warehouse presented significant obstacles to their rapid business growth. Performance issues, data staleness, integrity concerns, and reliance on outdated technologies hindered efficient reporting and insights generation. Engineers and operations teams spent excessive time managing the legacy system, impacting productivity and responsiveness.

The Solution

Tarams collaborated with the client to redesign and rebuild their data infrastructure, focusing on enhancing performance, integrity, and reporting capabilities. The solution included:

Comprehensive Data Warehouse Design

Tarams implemented a new data warehouse based on Star Schema Data Modeling, addressing performance and integrity issues. A Staging Database was introduced to store incremental data, improving data freshness and provenance.

ETL Migration and Automation

The ETL code was migrated from stored procedures to Pentaho Data Integration, ensuring near real-time data availability in the Data Mart. Automation of the ETL process enhanced restart-ability, reducing turnaround time for ETL failures.

Dashboard Implementation

Tarams developed a comprehensive dashboard to provide visibility and insights across all levels of the organization. The dashboard enabled leaders, managers, HR representatives, ethics officers, and program sponsors to access meaningful reporting and performance metrics.

The Results

Through Tarams’ solution implementation:

The client achieved enhanced performance, data integrity, and reporting capabilities.

Automation of the ETL process reduced manual intervention and turnaround time for reporting.

The comprehensive dashboard provided leaders and stakeholders with actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Employee transparency and accountability were improved through visibility into completion results and performance metrics.


Tarams’ collaboration with the ethics advisory firm resulted in the successful transformation of their data infrastructure, addressing performance, integrity, and reporting challenges. By leveraging modern technologies and best practices, Tarams empowered the client to drive transparency, accountability, and efficiency in their operations and decision-making processes.

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