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Transforming Contractor Operations

Tarams Partners with Bay Area Startup to Launch Mobile App for Seamless Product Ordering and Delivery from Home Depot

About Our Client

A Bay Area startup aimed to revolutionize the home improvement retail market by providing contractors with a seamless mobile application for viewing, ordering, and receiving product deliveries from Home Depot. Additionally, the app needed to facilitate task management for shoppers and drivers while enabling administrative functions for Algo staff via a web interface.

The Challenge

The startup faced the challenge of developing a comprehensive mobile application that would cater to the diverse needs of contractors, shoppers, drivers, and administrative staff. Key requirements included seamless product catalog integration with Home Depot, efficient e-commerce functionalities, real-time order tracking, and task management features.

The Solution

Tarams delivered an end-to-end solution in a turn-key delivery mode, ensuring aggressive time-to-market and efficient execution of product management, UI development, app development, backend development, and user acceptance testing (UAT). The solution encompassed:

Product Catalog Integration

Dynamically constructed local Home Depot store product catalog within the mobile app, enabling contractors to browse and order products seamlessly.

Ecommerce Functionality

Complete ecommerce flow, including browsing, shopping cart, pricing engine, promotions, discounts, and checkout, providing a seamless purchasing experience for contractors.

Order Tracking and Notifications

Live tracking of orders and in-app notifications to keep contractors informed about the status of their orders in real-time.

Real-Time Price and Stock Check

Integration with Home Depot’s systems to provide real-time price and stock checks, ensuring accurate product availability and pricing information.

The Results

The implementation of the mobile app solution led to significant improvements in contractor operations:

Contractors can now efficiently view, order, and receive product deliveries from Home Depot, streamlining the procurement process and saving valuable time.

The seamless e-commerce functionality provides contractors with a user-friendly platform for purchasing products, enhancing overall satisfaction and convenience.

Real-time order tracking and notifications enable contractors to stay informed about the status of their orders, improving transparency and communication.


Tarams’ collaboration with the Bay Area startup resulted in the successful launch of a groundbreaking mobile app solution, disrupting the home improvement retail market. By providing contractors with a comprehensive platform for product ordering and delivery from Home Depot, the app has transformed contractor operations, enhancing efficiency, convenience, and overall customer experience.

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