Tarams Empowers a Leading Startup with Innovative Product Visualization App for Trustworthy Online Recommendations

Revolutionizing Online Recommendations

Tarams Collaborates with a Leading Startup to Launch Trust-Driven Product Visualization App

About Our Client

A leading startup based in San Francisco recognized the need for a more convenient and reliable method of obtaining word-of-mouth recommendations for products online.

The Opportunity

The current landscape heavily relies on scouring various review websites or advertising channels for product recommendations. The startup identified an opportunity to address this challenge by developing an innovative solution that visualizes what users and their friends have purchased online, fostering trust in product recommendations.

The Solution

Tarams collaborated with the startup to develop an application that revolutionizes online product discovery. The app enables users to see what products their friends have purchased without relying on traditional rating systems or comments. Key components of the solution include:

Product Visualization App

The app utilizes AI-based image processing to visually showcase products that users and their friends have purchased online, providing a more intuitive and trustworthy recommendation experience.

Integration with Multiple Platforms

Seamless integration with platforms such as Gmail, Amazon, Netflix, and others allows the app to gather purchase data and provide personalized recommendations to users.

Advanced Technologies

Implementation of Google OAuth Certification for Restricted Scopes ensures data security and compliance. Additionally, machine learning algorithms are utilized for product categorization, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of recommendations.

The Results

The launch of the app has yielded significant results:

Users benefit from a more convenient and trustworthy method of discovering products online, leading to increased user engagement and satisfaction.

The integration with multiple platforms enables the app to gather comprehensive purchase data, providing users with highly personalized recommendations tailored to their preferences.

Advanced technologies such as AI-based image processing and machine learning enhance the accuracy and relevance of product recommendations, further improving user experience.


Tarams’ collaboration with the startup resulted in the successful launch of a groundbreaking product visualization app, transforming online recommendations and fostering trust among users. By leveraging innovative technologies and seamless integrations, the app empowers users to discover products online with confidence, revolutionizing the way people shop and engage with online content.

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Tarams Redefines Travel Experiences with an Innovative Mobile App for Customizable Trips

Elevating Travel Experiences

Tarams Partners with a Travel Startup to Launch Customizable Mobile App for Seamless Trip Planning, Coordination, and Sharing

About Our Client

A travel startup dedicated to crafting customizable travel experiences for individuals and groups faced the challenge of developing a comprehensive mobile application to support every aspect of the travel journey.

The Challenge

The challenge was to design a mobile application that would empower users to create unique and personalized travel experiences from start to finish. The application was needed to support pre-travel trip planning, documentation, coordination, payments, and post-travel experience sharing seamlessly.

The Solution

Tarams collaborated with the travel startup to deliver an end-to-end solution, leveraging our expertise to bring the product to market. We built a mobile application that incorporated features for all stages of the travel journey:


Users can discover, customize, and schedule trips based on individual or group preferences, ensuring a personalized travel experience.


The application facilitates seamless communication and coordination during the trip, with features such as in-app chat, alerts, and multi-currency conversion. Users can stay connected with fellow travelers and tour guides, access trip details, and manage logistics effortlessly.


After the journey, users can relive and share their experiences through the app. They can create albums from their trip memories, fostering engagement and community among travelers.

The Results

The launch of the mobile app transformed travel experiences for users:

The customizable features empower users to tailor their travel experiences to their preferences, enhancing satisfaction and engagement.

In-app communication and customer service features ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience, fostering trust and loyalty among users.

Users can now seamlessly plan, coordinate, and share their trips through a single, comprehensive platform.


Tarams’ collaboration with the travel startup successfully launched a cutting-edge mobile application, redefining travel experiences for individuals and groups. By providing a comprehensive solution for trip planning, coordination, and sharing, the app empowers users to embark on unforgettable journeys tailored to their preferences, fostering a community of passionate travelers.

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Tarams Revamps Data Infrastructure for Global Ethics Advisory Firm, Streamlining Reporting and Insights

Elevating Data Management for Global Ethics Advisory Firm

Tarams Overhauls Data Warehouse, Enhancing Performance, Integrity, and Reporting Capabilities

About Our Client

An esteemed organization specializing in advising and educating companies worldwide on ethics, regulatory compliance, corporate culture, governance, and leadership sought to address challenges posed by an aging data warehouse.

The Challenge

The client’s aging data warehouse presented significant obstacles to their rapid business growth. Performance issues, data staleness, integrity concerns, and reliance on outdated technologies hindered efficient reporting and insights generation. Engineers and operations teams spent excessive time managing the legacy system, impacting productivity and responsiveness.

The Solution

Tarams collaborated with the client to redesign and rebuild their data infrastructure, focusing on enhancing performance, integrity, and reporting capabilities. The solution included:

Comprehensive Data Warehouse Design

Tarams implemented a new data warehouse based on Star Schema Data Modeling, addressing performance and integrity issues. A Staging Database was introduced to store incremental data, improving data freshness and provenance.

ETL Migration and Automation

The ETL code was migrated from stored procedures to Pentaho Data Integration, ensuring near real-time data availability in the Data Mart. Automation of the ETL process enhanced restart-ability, reducing turnaround time for ETL failures.

Dashboard Implementation

Tarams developed a comprehensive dashboard to provide visibility and insights across all levels of the organization. The dashboard enabled leaders, managers, HR representatives, ethics officers, and program sponsors to access meaningful reporting and performance metrics.

The Results

Through Tarams’ solution implementation:

The client achieved enhanced performance, data integrity, and reporting capabilities.

Automation of the ETL process reduced manual intervention and turnaround time for reporting.

The comprehensive dashboard provided leaders and stakeholders with actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Employee transparency and accountability were improved through visibility into completion results and performance metrics.


Tarams’ collaboration with the ethics advisory firm resulted in the successful transformation of their data infrastructure, addressing performance, integrity, and reporting challenges. By leveraging modern technologies and best practices, Tarams empowered the client to drive transparency, accountability, and efficiency in their operations and decision-making processes.

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