Tarams Boosts Sales Efficiency for Leading APM Company with Salesforce Integration

Elevating Sales Operations

Tarams Enhances Efficiency for APM Company with Salesforce Integration, Streamlining License Provisioning and Tracking

About Our Client

A leading Application Performance Management (APM) product company, headquartered in the Bay Area, USA, faced challenges with sales team efficiency due to manual license provisioning and tracking processes.

The Challenge

The sales teams relied on manual processes and disparate systems for license provisioning and tracking, leading to delays and revenue loss. The company needed to streamline these operations to improve sales efficiency and revenue generation.

The Solution

Tarams automated and streamlined sales operations by integrating Salesforce with various business systems, extending Salesforce.com with custom screens to act as a License Server. Key components of the solution included:

Salesforce Integration

Tarams integrated Salesforce with other business systems to streamline license provisioning and tracking processes, ensuring quick availability of products and higher sales volumes.

Force.com Platform Development

Leveraging Apex and Visualforce, Tarams developed custom solutions on the Force.com platform to enhance Salesforce functionality and meet the specific needs of the APM company.

Salesforce Business Process Automation

Implementation of workflow, approval processes, and validation rules within Salesforce to automate business processes and improve operational efficiency.

Salesforce Security

Configuring profiles, roles, permission sets, Org-Wide Defaults (OWD), sharing rules, and Apex sharing to ensure data security and access control within Salesforce.

The Results

The implementation of Salesforce integration led to significant improvements in sales operations:

Streamlined license provisioning and tracking processes resulting in improved sales team efficiency and faster product availability.

Automation of business processes within Salesforce reduced manual effort and minimized errors, leading to higher accuracy and productivity.

Custom integrations with Marketo, Zendesk, and other systems enhanced data visibility and collaboration across teams, further improving overall sales performance.


Tarams’ collaboration with the APM company resulted in the successful integration of Salesforce, streamlining sales operations and improving efficiency. By automating license provisioning, implementing custom solutions, and integrating with various business systems, Tarams empowered the sales teams to drive higher sales volumes and revenue growth.

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Tarams Revamps Data Infrastructure for Global Ethics Advisory Firm, Streamlining Reporting and Insights

Elevating Data Management for Global Ethics Advisory Firm

Tarams Overhauls Data Warehouse, Enhancing Performance, Integrity, and Reporting Capabilities

About Our Client

An esteemed organization specializing in advising and educating companies worldwide on ethics, regulatory compliance, corporate culture, governance, and leadership sought to address challenges posed by an aging data warehouse.

The Challenge

The client’s aging data warehouse presented significant obstacles to their rapid business growth. Performance issues, data staleness, integrity concerns, and reliance on outdated technologies hindered efficient reporting and insights generation. Engineers and operations teams spent excessive time managing the legacy system, impacting productivity and responsiveness.

The Solution

Tarams collaborated with the client to redesign and rebuild their data infrastructure, focusing on enhancing performance, integrity, and reporting capabilities. The solution included:

Comprehensive Data Warehouse Design

Tarams implemented a new data warehouse based on Star Schema Data Modeling, addressing performance and integrity issues. A Staging Database was introduced to store incremental data, improving data freshness and provenance.

ETL Migration and Automation

The ETL code was migrated from stored procedures to Pentaho Data Integration, ensuring near real-time data availability in the Data Mart. Automation of the ETL process enhanced restart-ability, reducing turnaround time for ETL failures.

Dashboard Implementation

Tarams developed a comprehensive dashboard to provide visibility and insights across all levels of the organization. The dashboard enabled leaders, managers, HR representatives, ethics officers, and program sponsors to access meaningful reporting and performance metrics.

The Results

Through Tarams’ solution implementation:

The client achieved enhanced performance, data integrity, and reporting capabilities.

Automation of the ETL process reduced manual intervention and turnaround time for reporting.

The comprehensive dashboard provided leaders and stakeholders with actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Employee transparency and accountability were improved through visibility into completion results and performance metrics.


Tarams’ collaboration with the ethics advisory firm resulted in the successful transformation of their data infrastructure, addressing performance, integrity, and reporting challenges. By leveraging modern technologies and best practices, Tarams empowered the client to drive transparency, accountability, and efficiency in their operations and decision-making processes.

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Tarams Empowers Cryptocurrency Brokerage with Cutting-Edge Data Framework for Enhanced Insights

Driving Insights in Cryptocurrency

Tarams Delivers Comprehensive Data Framework for California-Based Brokerage, Enabling Advanced Processing, Analytics, and Visualizations

About Our Client

A California-based cryptocurrency brokerage and digital asset trading platform sought to enhance its data management capabilities to fuel business insights and decision-making.

The Challenge

The client faced the challenge of building a robust data framework for collecting, storing, and processing both their data and third-party data. They needed to develop complex ETL pipelines, implement streaming analytics, and enable large-scale data processing to support their growing business needs.

The Solution

Tarams collaborated with the client to devise a comprehensive data framework tailored to their requirements. The solution included:

Data Collection Framework

Tarams implemented a framework for collecting data from hundreds of sources, including APIs, databases, and time series data, enabling the brokerage to gather vast amounts of information from diverse sources.

ETL Pipeline Development

Tarams developed complex ETL pipelines to process and transform the collected data efficiently. This allowed the brokerage to handle large-scale data processing tasks seamlessly.

Streaming Analytics Implementation

The solution incorporated streaming analytics capabilities, enabling real-time analysis of incoming data streams for timely insights and decision-making.

Data Visualization

Tarams implemented interactive and self-service dashboards to visualize the processed data, providing stakeholders with intuitive tools to explore and understand the data effortlessly.

The Results

Through Tarams’ solution implementation:

The cryptocurrency brokerage gained enhanced capabilities for data collection, processing, and analytics.

Complex ETL pipelines enabled efficient transformation and management of vast amounts of data.

Streaming analytics capabilities provided real-time insights for agile decision-making.

Interactive dashboards facilitated data visualization, empowering stakeholders to derive actionable insights from the data.


Tarams’ collaboration with the cryptocurrency brokerage resulted in the successful implementation of a comprehensive data framework, enabling advanced processing, analytics, and visualizations. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and tailored solutions, Tarams empowered the brokerage to drive insights and innovation in the dynamic cryptocurrency market.

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Tarams Elevates Customer Success at Big Data Innovator with Streamlined Operations Integration

Empowering Customer Success

Tarams Automates Operations for Big Data Leader, Integrating Systems and Prioritizing Customer Retention Efforts

About Our Client

A pioneering company, founded by the creators of Apache Spark, is dedicated to revolutionizing big data processing using Spark technology. With a focus on cloud-based solutions, they sought to optimize their customer success operations.

The Challenge

The customer success team at the company faced the challenge of automating and streamlining their operations. They needed to integrate data from various business systems, including CRM, support ticketing, and survey software. In the domain of customer retention, they required an efficient system to prioritize queries from unhappy customers over regular ones.

The Solution

Tarams partnered with the client to automate and streamline their operations. By leveraging Spark jobs and serverless functions on the AWS Cloud, Tarams built a robust data infrastructure. This infrastructure enabled seamless integration of data from various business systems, empowering the customer success team to efficiently manage customer interactions.

Features Implemented:

  • Custom Integrations:
  • Salesforce & Google Spreadsheet
  • Salesforce & Zendesk
  • Salesforce & SurveyGizmo

Custom Applications:

  • SOQL Report Builder
  • Custom email template

The Results

Through Tarams’ solution implementation:

The client’s customer success team achieved enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Integration of various business systems enabled a holistic view of customer interactions.

Prioritization of queries from unhappy customers facilitated proactive retention efforts.

Custom applications provide tailored solutions to meet specific business needs.


Tarams’ collaboration resulted in the successful automation and streamlining of customer success operations. By integrating data from various systems and implementing custom applications, the client enhanced its ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive business growth in the competitive big data industry.

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Tarams Powers A Fully-Managed Data Infrastructure Platform

Empowering Data-Driven Innovation

Tarams Collaborates with a Data-Engineering Startup to Develop Fully-Managed, Secure, and Cost-Effective Data Infrastructure Platform, Enabling Organizations to Thrive in Today's Data-Driven World.

About Our Client

A data engineering startup based in San Francisco embarked on a mission to revolutionize data infrastructure management. Their goal was to enable organizations to focus on deriving business value from data rather than spending time managing infrastructure.

The Challenge

The startup faced the challenge of providing a fully managed data infrastructure platform that could scale seamlessly, offer secure deployment on AWS, and operate on a serverless model with low usage charges. Additionally, they aimed to enable self-service deployment of customizable data slices to cater to diverse data needs across industries.

The Solution

Tarams collaborated with the startup to develop an industry-first serverless, modular, autoscaling data stack. The solution offered:

Fully-Managed Data Infrastructure Platform

The platform provided a fully managed data infrastructure as a service, allowing companies to offload the burden of managing data infrastructure and focus on driving business value from their data.

Serverless Model and Low Usage Charges

By leveraging a serverless model and offering low usage charges, the solution enabled cost-effective data management for organizations of all sizes.

Secure Deployment on AWS

The entire data stack was deployed securely on AWS, ensuring data privacy and compliance with industry regulations.

Self-Service Deployment of Customizable Data Slices

The platform allowed for self-service deployment of customizable data slices, empowering companies to collect, organize, and harness data according to their specific requirements.

The Results

Through the collaboration between Tarams and the startup:

Empowered Data-Driven Innovation: The platform empowered companies across finance, healthcare, and technology sectors to easily collect, organize, and derive insights from their data, driving innovation and competitive advantage.

Cost-Effective Data Management: The serverless model and low usage charges resulted in significant cost savings for organizations, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently.

Streamlined Data Infrastructure: The fully managed data infrastructure platform simplified data management processes, enabling organizations to focus on extracting actionable insights from their data.


Tarams’ collaboration with the startup resulted in the development of an innovative data infrastructure platform that empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their data. By providing a fully managed, secure, and cost-effective solution, the startup is driving data-driven innovation and helping companies thrive in today’s data-driven world.

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From Legacy to Cloud: Tarams Drives Medicaid Software Data Modernization, Slashes Insight Time

Empowering Medicaid Software Innovations

Tarams’ Seamless Migration to Cloud-Native Data Infrastructure, Revolutionizing Insights and Operations

About Our Client

A US-based technology company specializing in software solutions for Medicaid Providers and Payers faced the challenge of modernizing its existing data infrastructure. The company aimed to enhance the availability of data, improve responsiveness to schema changes, and implement a scalable cloud architecture.

The Challenge

The client’s existing on-premise Data Warehouse (DWH) and ETL pipeline posed limitations in terms of data availability, responsiveness, and scalability. To address the growing demands of near-real-time reporting and analytics, the client sought to migrate to a cloud-native DWH and ELT pipeline.

The Solution

Tarams collaborated with the technology company to execute a comprehensive data modernization project. The solution involved:

Migration to Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Tarams facilitated the migration from the on-premise DWH & ETL pipeline to a modern cloud-native DWH & ELT pipeline. This transition enabled improved data availability, responsiveness, and scalability.

Implementation of ELT Approach

Tarams adopted an Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) approach, leveraging techniques such as Database Change Data Capture (CDC) and continuous replication. This approach allowed for near-real-time data availability and streamlined data transformation.

Cloud Data Storage and Transformation

Tarams utilized appropriate cloud data storage solutions and implemented in-place data transformation techniques to optimize performance and minimize data processing latency.

Project Phases

The project followed a structured approach with four critical phases: Viability Analysis, Development, Rollout, and Monitor & Fine Tune. This methodology ensured the timely completion and seamless execution of the solution.

The Results

By partnering with Tarams and implementing the solution:

Significant Reduction in Time-to-Insight: The end-to-end time-to-insight was reduced from 24 hours to just 30 minutes, enabling faster decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.

Zero Downtime Deployments: Tarams ensured zero downtime deployments, ensuring continuous operation during updates and minimizing disruptions to business operations.

Comprehensive Monitoring & Alerting: Robust monitoring and alerting mechanisms were implemented to track system performance and promptly address any issues, ensuring optimal operation.

Scalable and Modern Infrastructure: The client successfully migrated to a scalable cloud-native infrastructure, paving the way for future growth and innovation in Medicaid data management.


Tarams’ collaboration with the US-based technology company resulted in the successful modernization of their Medicaid data management infrastructure. Through the adoption of cloud-native technologies and best practices, Tarams empowered the client to achieve improved data availability, responsiveness, and scalability, ultimately driving operational excellence and innovation in Medicaid software solutions.

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