Tarams Boosts Customer Satisfaction for Cloud Analytics Startup with AI-driven Ticket Identification Solution

Enhancing Customer Support

Tarams Collaborates with Cloud Analytics Startup to Deploy AI-driven Ticket Identification Solution

About Our Client

A San Francisco-based startup specializing in cloud-based data science and analytics platforms faced challenges in identifying tickets and emails from disgruntled customers quickly to maintain a healthy customer base.

The Business Challenge

The client needed a smart mechanism to differentiate and prioritize tickets and emails from unhappy customers over regular ones. This was crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.

The Solution

Tarams designed an algorithm using a neural network model and transfer learning methodology to address the client’s challenge. The algorithm was trained on open-source reviews and deployed at the client’s end, resulting in an 80% success rate in identifying required tickets and emails.

More Effective than Traditional Keyword-Based Approaches

The algorithm surpassed traditional keyword-based methods, ensuring better accuracy and relevance in ticket identification.

Real-time and Accurate Results

The solution provided real-time identification of disgruntled customer tickets and emails, enabling prompt responses and resolution.

Recognition of New and Unseen Patterns

The algorithm was capable of recognizing emerging patterns and trends in customer feedback, ensuring proactive support.

Fast Model Training

Leveraging transfer learning, the algorithm could be trained quickly and efficiently, minimizing time-to-deployment.

Always Learning and Improving

The algorithm continuously learned from new data and feedback, improving its accuracy and effectiveness over time.

The Results

The implementation of the AI-driven ticket identification solution yielded significant results:

Improved Customer Satisfaction: The client experienced enhanced customer satisfaction by promptly addressing issues raised by disgruntled customers.

Efficient Customer Support: The solution enabled the client to prioritize and resolve critical issues more effectively, leading to a healthier and more stable customer base.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By automating the ticket identification process, the client’s support team could focus their efforts on resolving customer issues, improving overall operational efficiency.


Tarams’ collaboration with the cloud analytics startup resulted in the successful deployment of an AI-driven ticket identification solution, revolutionizing customer support processes. By leveraging advanced AI technologies, the client was able to identify and address customer issues more efficiently, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

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Tarams Boosts Sales Efficiency for Leading APM Company with Salesforce Integration

Elevating Sales Operations

Tarams Enhances Efficiency for APM Company with Salesforce Integration, Streamlining License Provisioning and Tracking

About Our Client

A leading Application Performance Management (APM) product company, headquartered in the Bay Area, USA, faced challenges with sales team efficiency due to manual license provisioning and tracking processes.

The Challenge

The sales teams relied on manual processes and disparate systems for license provisioning and tracking, leading to delays and revenue loss. The company needed to streamline these operations to improve sales efficiency and revenue generation.

The Solution

Tarams automated and streamlined sales operations by integrating Salesforce with various business systems, extending Salesforce.com with custom screens to act as a License Server. Key components of the solution included:

Salesforce Integration

Tarams integrated Salesforce with other business systems to streamline license provisioning and tracking processes, ensuring quick availability of products and higher sales volumes.

Force.com Platform Development

Leveraging Apex and Visualforce, Tarams developed custom solutions on the Force.com platform to enhance Salesforce functionality and meet the specific needs of the APM company.

Salesforce Business Process Automation

Implementation of workflow, approval processes, and validation rules within Salesforce to automate business processes and improve operational efficiency.

Salesforce Security

Configuring profiles, roles, permission sets, Org-Wide Defaults (OWD), sharing rules, and Apex sharing to ensure data security and access control within Salesforce.

The Results

The implementation of Salesforce integration led to significant improvements in sales operations:

Streamlined license provisioning and tracking processes resulting in improved sales team efficiency and faster product availability.

Automation of business processes within Salesforce reduced manual effort and minimized errors, leading to higher accuracy and productivity.

Custom integrations with Marketo, Zendesk, and other systems enhanced data visibility and collaboration across teams, further improving overall sales performance.


Tarams’ collaboration with the APM company resulted in the successful integration of Salesforce, streamlining sales operations and improving efficiency. By automating license provisioning, implementing custom solutions, and integrating with various business systems, Tarams empowered the sales teams to drive higher sales volumes and revenue growth.

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Tarams Empowers a Leading Startup with Innovative Product Visualization App for Trustworthy Online Recommendations

Revolutionizing Online Recommendations

Tarams Collaborates with a Leading Startup to Launch Trust-Driven Product Visualization App

About Our Client

A leading startup based in San Francisco recognized the need for a more convenient and reliable method of obtaining word-of-mouth recommendations for products online.

The Opportunity

The current landscape heavily relies on scouring various review websites or advertising channels for product recommendations. The startup identified an opportunity to address this challenge by developing an innovative solution that visualizes what users and their friends have purchased online, fostering trust in product recommendations.

The Solution

Tarams collaborated with the startup to develop an application that revolutionizes online product discovery. The app enables users to see what products their friends have purchased without relying on traditional rating systems or comments. Key components of the solution include:

Product Visualization App

The app utilizes AI-based image processing to visually showcase products that users and their friends have purchased online, providing a more intuitive and trustworthy recommendation experience.

Integration with Multiple Platforms

Seamless integration with platforms such as Gmail, Amazon, Netflix, and others allows the app to gather purchase data and provide personalized recommendations to users.

Advanced Technologies

Implementation of Google OAuth Certification for Restricted Scopes ensures data security and compliance. Additionally, machine learning algorithms are utilized for product categorization, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of recommendations.

The Results

The launch of the app has yielded significant results:

Users benefit from a more convenient and trustworthy method of discovering products online, leading to increased user engagement and satisfaction.

The integration with multiple platforms enables the app to gather comprehensive purchase data, providing users with highly personalized recommendations tailored to their preferences.

Advanced technologies such as AI-based image processing and machine learning enhance the accuracy and relevance of product recommendations, further improving user experience.


Tarams’ collaboration with the startup resulted in the successful launch of a groundbreaking product visualization app, transforming online recommendations and fostering trust among users. By leveraging innovative technologies and seamless integrations, the app empowers users to discover products online with confidence, revolutionizing the way people shop and engage with online content.

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Tarams Revolutionizes Home Improvement Retail with Innovative Mobile App for Contractors

Transforming Contractor Operations

Tarams Partners with Bay Area Startup to Launch Mobile App for Seamless Product Ordering and Delivery from Home Depot

About Our Client

A Bay Area startup aimed to revolutionize the home improvement retail market by providing contractors with a seamless mobile application for viewing, ordering, and receiving product deliveries from Home Depot. Additionally, the app needed to facilitate task management for shoppers and drivers while enabling administrative functions for Algo staff via a web interface.

The Challenge

The startup faced the challenge of developing a comprehensive mobile application that would cater to the diverse needs of contractors, shoppers, drivers, and administrative staff. Key requirements included seamless product catalog integration with Home Depot, efficient e-commerce functionalities, real-time order tracking, and task management features.

The Solution

Tarams delivered an end-to-end solution in a turn-key delivery mode, ensuring aggressive time-to-market and efficient execution of product management, UI development, app development, backend development, and user acceptance testing (UAT). The solution encompassed:

Product Catalog Integration

Dynamically constructed local Home Depot store product catalog within the mobile app, enabling contractors to browse and order products seamlessly.

Ecommerce Functionality

Complete ecommerce flow, including browsing, shopping cart, pricing engine, promotions, discounts, and checkout, providing a seamless purchasing experience for contractors.

Order Tracking and Notifications

Live tracking of orders and in-app notifications to keep contractors informed about the status of their orders in real-time.

Real-Time Price and Stock Check

Integration with Home Depot’s systems to provide real-time price and stock checks, ensuring accurate product availability and pricing information.

The Results

The implementation of the mobile app solution led to significant improvements in contractor operations:

Contractors can now efficiently view, order, and receive product deliveries from Home Depot, streamlining the procurement process and saving valuable time.

The seamless e-commerce functionality provides contractors with a user-friendly platform for purchasing products, enhancing overall satisfaction and convenience.

Real-time order tracking and notifications enable contractors to stay informed about the status of their orders, improving transparency and communication.


Tarams’ collaboration with the Bay Area startup resulted in the successful launch of a groundbreaking mobile app solution, disrupting the home improvement retail market. By providing contractors with a comprehensive platform for product ordering and delivery from Home Depot, the app has transformed contractor operations, enhancing efficiency, convenience, and overall customer experience.

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Tarams Redefines Travel Experiences with an Innovative Mobile App for Customizable Trips

Elevating Travel Experiences

Tarams Partners with a Travel Startup to Launch Customizable Mobile App for Seamless Trip Planning, Coordination, and Sharing

About Our Client

A travel startup dedicated to crafting customizable travel experiences for individuals and groups faced the challenge of developing a comprehensive mobile application to support every aspect of the travel journey.

The Challenge

The challenge was to design a mobile application that would empower users to create unique and personalized travel experiences from start to finish. The application was needed to support pre-travel trip planning, documentation, coordination, payments, and post-travel experience sharing seamlessly.

The Solution

Tarams collaborated with the travel startup to deliver an end-to-end solution, leveraging our expertise to bring the product to market. We built a mobile application that incorporated features for all stages of the travel journey:


Users can discover, customize, and schedule trips based on individual or group preferences, ensuring a personalized travel experience.


The application facilitates seamless communication and coordination during the trip, with features such as in-app chat, alerts, and multi-currency conversion. Users can stay connected with fellow travelers and tour guides, access trip details, and manage logistics effortlessly.


After the journey, users can relive and share their experiences through the app. They can create albums from their trip memories, fostering engagement and community among travelers.

The Results

The launch of the mobile app transformed travel experiences for users:

The customizable features empower users to tailor their travel experiences to their preferences, enhancing satisfaction and engagement.

In-app communication and customer service features ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience, fostering trust and loyalty among users.

Users can now seamlessly plan, coordinate, and share their trips through a single, comprehensive platform.


Tarams’ collaboration with the travel startup successfully launched a cutting-edge mobile application, redefining travel experiences for individuals and groups. By providing a comprehensive solution for trip planning, coordination, and sharing, the app empowers users to embark on unforgettable journeys tailored to their preferences, fostering a community of passionate travelers.

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Tarams Launches Dynamic Sports Engagement Platform, Empowering Fans Worldwide

Elevating Fan Interaction

Tarams Unveils Innovative Sports Engagement Platform with Interactive Shows, Athlete Engagement, Battles, and Rewards

About Our Client

A leading sports app is a dynamic social platform and marketplace designed to connect and empower sports fans worldwide. With a focus on giving fans a voice and incentivizing their engagement, the app sought to overcome challenges in fan interaction and content creation.

The Challenge

Engaging sports enthusiasts beyond traditional chat and discussion forums posed a significant challenge for the app. There was a need to provide fans with direct avenues to create content, interact with others, influence discussions, and express themselves more effectively.

The Solution

Tarams collaborated with the leading sports app to develop a groundbreaking mobile app that revolutionized fan engagement. The app empowers fans to control the conversation through interactive features such as:

Interactive Sports Shows and Conversations

Fans can participate in live sports shows and engage in real-time conversations with other fans, athletes, and influencers, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Direct Engagement with Athletes and Influencers

The app enables fans to interact directly with professional athletes and influencers, providing a unique opportunity for meaningful connections and interactions.

Battle Feature

Users can engage in friendly battles with other athletes, influencers, and sports enthusiasts, adding an element of competition and excitement to the platform.

Rewards System

Fans earn rewards and increase their all-time score by participating in discussions, battles, and other interactive features, incentivizing ongoing engagement and loyalty.

The Results

Through the launch of the sports app:

The app successfully transformed fan engagement, providing fans with direct avenues to create content, interact with others, and influence discussions.

The interactive features of the app fostered a vibrant community of sports enthusiasts, athletes, and influencers, driving increased user participation and retention.

The rewards system incentivized ongoing engagement and loyalty, encouraging users to return to the platform regularly.


Tarams’ collaboration with the leading sports app resulted in the successful launch of the app, redefining fan engagement in the sports industry. By leveraging interactive features, direct engagement with athletes and influencers, and a rewards system, the app empowers fans to connect, create, and compete, driving a new era of fan interaction and loyalty.

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Tarams Empowers Cryptocurrency Brokerage with Cutting-Edge Data Framework for Enhanced Insights

Driving Insights in Cryptocurrency

Tarams Delivers Comprehensive Data Framework for California-Based Brokerage, Enabling Advanced Processing, Analytics, and Visualizations

About Our Client

A California-based cryptocurrency brokerage and digital asset trading platform sought to enhance its data management capabilities to fuel business insights and decision-making.

The Challenge

The client faced the challenge of building a robust data framework for collecting, storing, and processing both their data and third-party data. They needed to develop complex ETL pipelines, implement streaming analytics, and enable large-scale data processing to support their growing business needs.

The Solution

Tarams collaborated with the client to devise a comprehensive data framework tailored to their requirements. The solution included:

Data Collection Framework

Tarams implemented a framework for collecting data from hundreds of sources, including APIs, databases, and time series data, enabling the brokerage to gather vast amounts of information from diverse sources.

ETL Pipeline Development

Tarams developed complex ETL pipelines to process and transform the collected data efficiently. This allowed the brokerage to handle large-scale data processing tasks seamlessly.

Streaming Analytics Implementation

The solution incorporated streaming analytics capabilities, enabling real-time analysis of incoming data streams for timely insights and decision-making.

Data Visualization

Tarams implemented interactive and self-service dashboards to visualize the processed data, providing stakeholders with intuitive tools to explore and understand the data effortlessly.

The Results

Through Tarams’ solution implementation:

The cryptocurrency brokerage gained enhanced capabilities for data collection, processing, and analytics.

Complex ETL pipelines enabled efficient transformation and management of vast amounts of data.

Streaming analytics capabilities provided real-time insights for agile decision-making.

Interactive dashboards facilitated data visualization, empowering stakeholders to derive actionable insights from the data.


Tarams’ collaboration with the cryptocurrency brokerage resulted in the successful implementation of a comprehensive data framework, enabling advanced processing, analytics, and visualizations. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and tailored solutions, Tarams empowered the brokerage to drive insights and innovation in the dynamic cryptocurrency market.

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From Legacy to Cloud: Tarams Drives Medicaid Software Data Modernization, Slashes Insight Time

Empowering Medicaid Software Innovations

Tarams’ Seamless Migration to Cloud-Native Data Infrastructure, Revolutionizing Insights and Operations

About Our Client

A US-based technology company specializing in software solutions for Medicaid Providers and Payers faced the challenge of modernizing its existing data infrastructure. The company aimed to enhance the availability of data, improve responsiveness to schema changes, and implement a scalable cloud architecture.

The Challenge

The client’s existing on-premise Data Warehouse (DWH) and ETL pipeline posed limitations in terms of data availability, responsiveness, and scalability. To address the growing demands of near-real-time reporting and analytics, the client sought to migrate to a cloud-native DWH and ELT pipeline.

The Solution

Tarams collaborated with the technology company to execute a comprehensive data modernization project. The solution involved:

Migration to Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Tarams facilitated the migration from the on-premise DWH & ETL pipeline to a modern cloud-native DWH & ELT pipeline. This transition enabled improved data availability, responsiveness, and scalability.

Implementation of ELT Approach

Tarams adopted an Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) approach, leveraging techniques such as Database Change Data Capture (CDC) and continuous replication. This approach allowed for near-real-time data availability and streamlined data transformation.

Cloud Data Storage and Transformation

Tarams utilized appropriate cloud data storage solutions and implemented in-place data transformation techniques to optimize performance and minimize data processing latency.

Project Phases

The project followed a structured approach with four critical phases: Viability Analysis, Development, Rollout, and Monitor & Fine Tune. This methodology ensured the timely completion and seamless execution of the solution.

The Results

By partnering with Tarams and implementing the solution:

Significant Reduction in Time-to-Insight: The end-to-end time-to-insight was reduced from 24 hours to just 30 minutes, enabling faster decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.

Zero Downtime Deployments: Tarams ensured zero downtime deployments, ensuring continuous operation during updates and minimizing disruptions to business operations.

Comprehensive Monitoring & Alerting: Robust monitoring and alerting mechanisms were implemented to track system performance and promptly address any issues, ensuring optimal operation.

Scalable and Modern Infrastructure: The client successfully migrated to a scalable cloud-native infrastructure, paving the way for future growth and innovation in Medicaid data management.


Tarams’ collaboration with the US-based technology company resulted in the successful modernization of their Medicaid data management infrastructure. Through the adoption of cloud-native technologies and best practices, Tarams empowered the client to achieve improved data availability, responsiveness, and scalability, ultimately driving operational excellence and innovation in Medicaid software solutions.

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Tarams Transforms Healthcare Workflow for Clinical Pharmacists

Innovating Healthcare Delivery

Tarams Collaborates with Leading Provider to Develop Modular Medication Management System, Redefining Clinical Pharmacy Practices

About Our Client

A leading healthcare company based in Nuevo León, Mexico, is dedicated to delivering innovative health and wellness solutions that enhance the lives of individuals and communities. As part of their commitment to excellence, they sought to streamline medication management processes for hospital clinical pharmacists.

The Challenge

The healthcare company faced the challenge of modernizing medication management practices to empower clinical pharmacists in efficiently managing prescriptions, dispensation, and patient reactions. They recognized the need for a comprehensive web application that could facilitate informed decision-making, from cost management to dose optimization.

The Solution

Tarams partnered with the client to design and develop a modular, n-tier mobile and web application tailored to the specific needs of clinical pharmacists. The solution included:

Responsive User Interface

Tarams crafted a responsive user interface; specifically tailored for clinical pharmacists, ensuring seamless usability across devices.

Application Database

An integrated database was implemented to gather all necessary patient information, providing pharmacists quick access to vital data for informed decision-making.

Alerts, Reminders, and KPIs

The application featured built-in alerts, reminders, and predetermined key performance indicators (KPIs) to enable cost savings and provide timely assistance to pharmacists.

Modular Design

Tarams developed the application with a modular design, compartmentalizing different modules such as hospital management, user management, patient management, medicine catalog and price list management, and a rule evaluation engine. Each module offered specific functionality to streamline medication management processes.

The Results

By implementing the solution developed by Tarams

Clinical pharmacists at healthcare provider’s hospitals experienced improved efficiency and accuracy in medication management.

The responsive user interface enhanced usability and accessibility across various devices.

The integrated database enabled pharmacists to access essential patient information promptly.

Built-in alerts, reminders, and KPIs facilitated proactive decision-making and cost savings.


Tarams’ collaboration resulted in the successful development and implementation of a comprehensive medication management solution. Through innovative technology and tailored features, the healthcare provider’s clinical pharmacists were empowered to make informed decisions, optimize medication usage, and ultimately enhance patient care.

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